Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Code Camp

Yesterday at Code Camp, we learned how to create 3D spheres and boxes.  Using Processing2, we learned how to translate, rotate, and change the scale of our grid!

Here is what I created!

Today, we had time to build upon what we've been learning.  I feel like I am finally get the hang out this.

We also learned how to use Processing2 to create our our Andy Warhol inspired photograph!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Code Camp: Art Strand

I am participating in the Tarrant Institute's summer Code Camp at the University of Vermont this week.  We are using a programming language called Processing to create interactive works of art.

Here is the first sketch that I created yesterday!  I am most proud of the pattern that I created with the squares.  I also like that when the big, blue "breathing" circles come together, as they increase in size, that they look a bit like a monster with bulging eyes.

When I got home, I changed the code from this first sketch to create two more pieces of art (see below)!

Today, at our second day of camp, I learned how to make shapes rotate, as well as changing in size!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Invent to Learn Picture Notes

Invent to Learn

I recently read Invent to Learn as a requirement for the Create Make Learn course that I participated in this summer.

I enjoyed the reading so much that I decided to take picture notes, using the Grafio app ($8.99), rather than taking written notes.

After taking notes for each chapter, I used PicCollage (free) to organize them.

I think that combining these tools with Audioboo would be a great way for students to reflect upon their learning.