Friday, July 3, 2015

ReMEDIAtion: Transforming Your Own Videos into Animation Using DoInk Apps

Transforming Videos into Animation Using DoInk Apps

For the second week of the Connected Learning MOOC (#clmooc), we were challenged to try new tools to engage with remixing and transforming media from one form into another. 

I ended up using a feature of the DoInk Animation and Drawing App that I hadn't used before, allowing me to create animations from my own video clips!

In the process, my first draft of The Dog Days of Summer was born.  Over the past week, I've added some animations to it and tweaked the audio so that it gradually fades in and out.  Here is the link to the final cut:   "The Dog Days of Summer:  Final Cut."

Several people requested that I create a tutorial on how I created my video, so I've done so and shared it here.  In the interest of brevity, I didn't record an audio track to accompany my screen cast.  I hope that the visuals are self-explanatory.  If I can clear up any confusion, please let me know.

I chose my dog as the subject, because it was easy to record footage of him doing the things that dogs do. The process of drawing him frame by frame for hours on end was cathartic, launching me into a full state of flow.

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