Tuesday, January 20, 2015

FLOG: Creating a Job Aid with Snag It

One thing that I'm attempting to do better this year is be more open and transparent about the things that I try that don't work out as planned.  In addition to blogging, I will be flogging (maintaining a failure log) to elevate my focus on process over product.

Words of wisdom from my Marlboro professor, Rick Oller:

"Fail early and fail often."
"The process is the product."

Context:  I am currently taking Instructional Design at Marlboro College.  Our first task was to create a Job Aid in two pages or less.  It must aid learning, be visually compelling and easy to print out, and not result in cognitive overload for the user.  Sounds simple, huh?

To get started, I found a numbered list of directions that I'd previously given to students as a reference sheet and decided to create a Job Aid with the list.  

Next, I experimented with Snag It for the first time to take a series of screen captures.

Lastly, I exported the captures to Google Drive, inserted them into two Google Drawings, and attempted to design a layout that visually captured the essence of my list.

Discoveries and Reflection:

  • Some tasks are too complex to explain well within a limited space.  
  • Job Aids are better suited to simpler tasks with fewer steps.  
  • Too many screen shots can be overwhelming.  
  • The clarity of my images is inconsistent.
  • This looks much better in color than printed in grey scale; the orange boxes and arrows don't show up in black and white.
  • I should have used more interesting subject matter for the images I combined, rather than a picture of myself.
  • I like the use of numbers.

This is an example of what NOT to give to students.

Next Step:
  • Try again, but focus on a simpler skill.
  • Focus on having clearer images.
Update:  If you'd like to see my latest attempt at creating a job aid, you can view it here.

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