Friday, June 26, 2015

Klexos Remixed #DoNowObject

binocular poem.jpgPerched upon the windowsill in my kitchen are three pairs of binoculars; this pair, found in an antique shop, is my favorite.  This object represents my attention to detail, a desire to watch, learn, and create, and my passion for noticing things that are often overlooked by others.  These lenses represent my passion for watching birds flitting around my yard, the value I place upon quiet introspection, and the ways that past events may be viewed in the mind’s eye.  They symbolize a desire to be deeply known, viewed beyond the surface.

After seeing @Susan Watson’s post depicting a list of emotions that people feel but cannot explain, I journeyed down a wormhole to explore the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. While there I savored the story of Klexos, by turning the text into a blacked out poem that expresses my thoughts.  

Klexos RemixedLife is opportunities.Look closer: notice.Questioning enrichesto allow someone to expose cracks by thoughts alone.It’s worth looking in memories,memory as art.Paint and remember.

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