Monday, October 6, 2014

Champlain Mini Maker Faire

I spent a few hours volunteering at the Champlain Mini Maker Faire this weekend, along with several other participants of this summer's Create Make Learn cohort.  Under the expert guidance of Lucie deLaBruere and Craig Lyndes, I got to help build (and entice others to do the same) a 3D printer.  While my contribution was minimal (I inventoried the parts, sorted screws, and took photographs) I learned some practical tips about assembling a kit and witnessed how easy it was to help people achieve a sense of accomplishment.

I was most impressed by how diverse, curious, and eager our visitors were.  All most people needed to jump in and help out was a friendly invitation.  An open invitation to sit down and do just one piece of the collaborative build of this printer was enough to entice the most reticent onlooker. It served as a good reminder that people are generally eager to help build and create things; they are just in need of opportunities to do so.

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