Friday, October 31, 2014

Mozilla Thimble: A Platform for Literacy Learning & Creative Remixing

After viewing the fantastic K12Online tutorial shared by Melissa Techman, titled Coding/Making/Writing with Connected Learners, I was inspired to tinker with Melissa's templates to make my own website.

Although I haven't created something revolutionary here (I merely altered her code and added my own images/text), I thoroughly enjoyed the process that Melissa's post made possible.  It gave me some great ideas and practical tips for organizing a similar activity with students! In her shared resources, she reminds users that parental permission is required for students under the age of 18.  (Terms of Service)

I love the way that Melissa designed a project that not only gets students thinking about books that they enjoy reading, but that she integrated coding to allow them to create unique book reviews that they share with a wider audience!   The flipping postcard (this one is mine), which she used to encourage students to create their own book reviews, has a great deal of potential!  Students can even add their own narration or sound effects!

As a fan of remix culture, I love the way that she shared her templates and demonstrated ways that Mozilla tools invite collaborative remix.  She really made my toes tingle by reminding users of the importance of attributing all images, including those with Creative Commons licenses!

I feel the need to continue experimenting with Mozilla's suite of free tools!

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