Thursday, October 16, 2014

GAH! Mad Monster Candy Snatch Game

After receiving my first hard copy of Make magazine, I could not wait to tackle this project, called the Mad Monster Candy Snatch Game.  The next day, I purchased the supplies and got started. After spending close to $30 and countless hours, I still do not have a functioning circuit.

I knew going in that I was confused by a specific part of the directions which stated, 
"Solder up the rest of the circuit for flashing the LEDs: Add the power transistor to the perf board and after noting the E, C, and B legs, wire up the connections to the speaker, then solder the connections to the dropping resistor and the 2 LEDs."  

Although I wasn't quite sure what to do at this point, I'd figured that a combination of experimenting, Googling, tweeting, and emailing might help me conquer the hurdle.  For now, I have reluctantly reached a pausing point.

If you have made this project, or think you might be able to help me, I would be most grateful!

While I'm out of ideas, I am more determined now than ever to figure this sucker out.

Updated 23 Oct. 2014:  I figured it out!

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