Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Joy of Teaching (30 Day Blogging Challenge #1)

Today's prompt:

What are the best aspects of being a teacher?

For the month of November, I'm participating in the Teach Thought, 30 Day Blogging Challenge, focused upon cultivating an attitude of gratitude.  The last time that I participated in a blogging challenge, I learned that I enjoy having an excuse to be intentional about blogging each day and even found that I was more productive as a result.  Furthermore, by reading other people's posts, I discovered that I had more in common with others than I might have originally suspected.  I am eager to participate in this challenge and welcome the opportunity for authentic human connection.

Although I am not working under a contract this year, I still consider myself a teacher.  The acts of teaching and learning are interwoven into my identity.  I love learning and am fulfilled by the process of helping others to do the same.

Macro Monday : Teacher: Explore October by R Joanne, on Flickr
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Here are some things that I love most about teaching:

1.  Getting to know people's interests, passions, challenges, talents, and pet peeves...and the invitation to share mine
2.  Laughing and working with others (and the occasional "group groan")
3.  Watching sparks ignite in people when they make a discovery or have an "aha" moment
4.  Witnessing and remembering kindnesses shared and obstacles overcome
5.  Watching people change and grow, almost literally before my eyes
6.  Talking shop with other teachers who get it
7.  Accepting hugs from former students and hearing stories about their lives
8.  Knowing that every day is going to be different
9.  Feeling that I'm making a difference
10. Learning new things...about others, about what it means to be human, and about myself

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