Monday, November 17, 2014

Change is Good (30 Day Blogging Challenge #17)

Today's prompt:

One thing that is different from a year ago that I am grateful for...

Last year at this time, I learned that my long-term subbing job at a local middle school was turning into a one-year position.  While I'd been grateful for the opportunity to work in that school for any length of time (it was a welcoming place with great people), I was delighted to learn that I'd been asked to stay for the entire year.  Although that year went by much too quickly, I am grateful for the unexpected creative outlets that have since come my way, allowing me to teach and learn from different audiences this year.

In October, after some encouragement from +Lucie deLaBruere , I taught a "Spooky Circuit Box" workshop at our local Tech Jam at the Generator.  This January I will be partnering with her to teach a bookbinding/ circuitry workshop geared toward getting more girls excited about technology!  I am thrilled to be doing this, because it will allow me to purposefully merge my passions and interests while working alongside someone I deeply respect and admire.

Another inspiring change that has come my way this year was an invitation to create animated seasonal station IDs for RETN, our local television network. While my work is still in draft form, the process of making revisions and receiving feedback from experts has been a fun and rewarding (with a steep learning curve).  I am also excited to be teaching a class there in either January or February.  Partnering with RETN is helping me build new skills while providing a creative focus.  I am grateful to +Doug Dunbebin  for providing me with a unique opportunity to share my dorky love of Do Ink apps with adults!

This is a sneak peak at one of the video shorts that I've been working on.

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