Monday, November 10, 2014

Humorous "Hammer Grammar" (30 Day Blogging Challenge #10)

Today's prompt:

Being grateful for humor - share a story about a time in your career where humor played a part.

Several years ago, one of my collaborative partners at Colchester Middle School and I dressed up like wanna-be rappers, equipped with backwards baseball caps and awkward bling (think faux chains with cardboard dollar signs).  One of us had the word "Hammer" on our hat and the other had the word "Grammar." In order to set the tone for a writing lesson focused upon grammar, we performed a ridiculous homage to M.C. Hammer's epic anthem, "U Can't Touch This."

Our students didn't see it coming, but they sure appreciated this outrageous surprise.  Many were laughing, others were dancing, and one (cough...gasp) recorded us with his device.  I honestly can't remember much about the content we introduced that day (other than a healthy appreciation for 80's music), but our willingness to poke fun at ourselves sure was a hit with our students.

(In what may not be such a laughing matter, a video of this silliness may exist somewhere in cyberspace.)

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