Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Collegiality Unlimited (30 Day Blogging Challenge #18)

Today's prompt:

What do you appreciate about your colleagues?

Since I am not currently working under a contract, I started thinking about the beloved people that I used to work with when I initially read this prompt.  I actually felt a pang of loss that tempted me to skip this post altogether. Then, the more I started thinking about it, I gratefully realized that I didn't have to access experiences from my past in order to answer this question.

I am still connected to other educators through my PLN. While I have worked closely and personally with some of these colleagues, and casually connected with others through coursework and conferences, a surprising deal of my interactions with colleagues these days has been limited to social media.  

I am not suggesting that casual conversations and exchanges of information via Twitter or Google+ can replace the deep personal relationships that are forged when people work alongside each other in the same school, but I am nonetheless grateful to my colleagues near and far for sharing their thoughts and ideas.  

I appreciate the fact that I can share a human connection with other educators that I may not have actually met, rather than wallowing in isolation.  Collegiality is no longer limited by proximity.  How great is that?

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