Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A List of Life Lessons (30 Day Blogging Challenge #11)

Today's prompt:

What is the most important ‘lesson’ you want to teach your students?

Happy Veterans Day!

This was a difficult prompt for me, because there are so many things that I want to teach my students and for them to learn, in part, from me.  Thinking that it might be easier to narrow down my list, I changed the prompt to, "What is the most important 'lesson' you want to teach your child?"  I quickly discovered that narrowing my focus to one person did not make the question easier to answer.  If anything, I was reminded of how fragile and imperfect we all are as human beings.  This led me to conclude that I'd ideally like to help teach my daughter and students how to become confident, well-adjusted, happy human beings.

Gratitude Road by bartmaguire, on Flickr
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Since this is my blog, and because I cannot decide upon solely one important lesson, I've decided to create a list of ten important ideas that continue to enlighten me about myself and others, in the hopes that I might model and share them with all those whom I teach.

1.  You are enough, so be yourself.
2.  Don't abandon your hopes and dreams.
3.  It's okay to make mistakes.  
4.  Be present in each moment.
5.  Embrace gratitude.
6.  Don't take everything you hear or read at face value.
7.  Do one thing that scares you each day.
8.  Choose to be kind.
9.  Find inspiration in nature.
10.  Learn to love the questions themselves.

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