Thursday, September 11, 2014

Good Morning! (30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 11)

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Today's prompt asks that I contemplate my favorite time of the school day, which for me is mornings.  I prefer mornings, because the day remains full of promise and the majority of students are happpy to see their friends (and hopefully their teachers).

While some people admittedly take a while to get into the groove (I count myself among those who require coffee to become fully human), I prefer mornings to the time just before and after lunch, because the students are fresher and have not yet had too many demands placed on their attentions.  Usually, they haven't yet been asked to sit too long in one place, and many of them are genuinely interested in seeing for themselves what's going on in the first class of the day, rather than hearing about an upcoming activity from their friends who may have already attended an earlier class. The temperature of many classrooms is often cooler in the mornings, too, before the sun has had a chance to heat everything up.

On the flip side, mornings can be a bit chaotic, especially if one has extra duties that lead right up to the bell or needs to wait in a long line to make last-minute copies, while an antiquated copy machine squeaks and repeatedly jams.  There are often technology quirks impacting networks in the mornings, while panicked teachers are scrambling to prepare for student arrivals.  Mornings can also a bit chaotic as students grab breakfast and substitute teachers try to figure out where to go and how to log in to the guest network.

In general, however, I still prefer mornings, and I am often most eager to try something new at the start of a new day.

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