Friday, September 12, 2014

My First Garage Band Composition!


       Oh, How I Love the Fall!

Yesterday was a blustery, rainy day, which made it perfect for playing!  I used the gift of time to explore Garage Band on my iPad and ended up composing a song that made me think of our glorious autumns in Vermont.  Hence, "How I Love the Fall" became the musical soundtrack for a silly video animation that I made to accompany the song. Although students in a classroom setting don't always have the luxury of white space or creative incubation time during their school days, a project like this could be a rewarding creative activity for students in a variety of content areas. Over time, students could be invited to create a piece of music inspired by a historical document, photograph, poem, or a piece of art that they've created.  They could even work in small groups. Click the arrow above to view my music video on YouTube.  I used original photography for the backdrop and added the animations using the DoInk Animation and Drawing and Greenscreen apps.

This little shout-out certainly made my day!

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