Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Favorite Go-to-Sites (30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 26)

What are your three favorite go-to sites for help/tips/resources in your teaching?

Although I routinely check my Twitter feed for juicy tips, my three favorite go-to sites, when I have something specific that I'm looking for, are Richard Byrne's Blog:  Free Tech 4 Teachers, Common Sense Media, and YouTube.

Richard Byrne's Blog:  Free Tech 4 Teachers

I have subscribed to Richard Byrne's blog and his Facebook page, because he does such a thorough job of showcasing ways that a variety of tools are being used in classroom settings for different purposes.

Common Sense Media

I routinely refer to Common Sense Media, because there are a variety of teacher-created lesson plans that may be used to advance digital citizenship, and because the organization offers free online professional development opportunities.


If I am pressed for time, or if I am struggling to figure something out on my own through experimentation, I have found YouTube to be a treasure trove of resources for learning.  Since I am a visual learner, I appreciate the abundance of screen casts available on YouTube.

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